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My Journey

As a self-proclaimed "recovering overachiever and perfectionist," I discovered the healing powers of self-compassion and self-acceptance in my work with patients with eating disorders and high-achievers. I witnessed first hand how they impressively wore a "mask" of perfection but suffered the cost of their health, relationships, and performance.  

After opening up this conversation with friends and colleagues and being inspired by Brene Brown's "The Gifts of Imperfection," I realized that perfectionism is a problem that plagues modern society.  I have dedicated my work as a psychologist to help others embrace and celebrate their uniqueness and authenticity.  I am passionate about helping my clients gain insight, let go of uncomfortable emotions such as shame, discover meaningful purpose, and evolve into the highest version of themselves. 

Training and Qualifications

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with extensive experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families from diverse backgrounds and with a broad range of psychological and medical disorders.  I obtained my Ph.D. from the UCSD/SDSU Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, with specialty training in culturally-competent child and family therapy and parenting at Rady Children's Hospital.  I completed my clinical neuropsychology internship at the San Diego VA Healthcare System and UCSD Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services.  In my post-doctoral training, I was a therapist and researcher at the UCSD Center for Healthy Eating and Activity Research (CHEAR) and UCSD Eating Disorders Treatment and Research Center.  I developed, researched, and provided novel, family-based treatments for eating disorders and obesity. My work focused on targeting the traits related to perfectionism. More recently, I was the Scientific Director of UCSD CHEAR, responsible for the design and implementation of large scale research studies examining the relationships between mental health, parenting, neurocognition, weight, and overeating. I also perform neuropsychological assessments and continually keeps abreast of emerging research on the links between brain, behavior and emotions. 


During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family of 6 (husband, daughter, a golden retriever and 2 cats), yoga and meditation, spending quiet time outdoors in nature, discovering new cuisines and watching reality tv.

June Liang, Ph.D.: About Me
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