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I provide a supportive, empathic, and safe space for you to be yourself.   I honor you as a "whole person" as well as work with you to develop practical skills and solutions to address your specific problems.  My approach is innovative, compassionate, holistic, non-judgmental and collaborative.

My clients receive unique, individually-tailored treatment that combines:

  • Scientifically-validated therapies

  • Effective "brain-training" techniques based on cutting-edge science

  • Self-compassion and Self-acceptance

  • Mind-body Wellness

  • Culturally-competent treatment for persons from all ethnic backgrounds

Treatment Goals and Outcomes

During the first 3-4 sessions, I will be gathering information to get to know you and we will work together to develop a treatment plan.  We will continually review and assess the plan to make adjustments as needed.

While everyone benefits differently from therapy, many of my clients have been able to take immediate steps to feel measurable improvements in a short period of time.  The incremental changes are also designed to be sustainable and fit with your current lifestyle.

In-person or video therapy sessions

Traveling to and from therapy sessions can be time-consuming.  For your convenience, I also offer the option of confidential and HIPAA-protected video therapy for California residents. During our initial consultation, we will discuss whether in-person or video therapy best fits your needs.

What to Expect: About
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